Guest posting

Guest posting

Are you a fancy lady willing to share your life experiences with the readers of this blog? Or an avid writer looking to expand your writing portfolio by writing for a ladies blog? I’d love to hear from you!

Important note: This opportunity is for bloggers and aspiring writers. If you are a for-profit, business or affiliate marketing website, please contact me for guidelines for sponsored content and cost.

What I look for in a guest post

At Fancy Ladies, the focus is on providing practical, useful and exciting information on lot of life aspects: fashion, beauty, health, fitness, lifestyle, travel, home, family and career to name a few. I am especially interested in guest posts that have a unique angle or which talk about new topics that have not been covered yet.

I expect all guest posts to be:

  • Unique, never published before. I don’t accept content that has previously been published on another website. The content must be new and unique and pass a plagiarism test.
  • Informative. Pack your post full of useful information. I expect you to write on a subject you know well enough to write useful content.
  • Relevant to this blog’s readers. I don’t post about engineering or web design, except the case you’re a successful lady in these areas and you want to share your knowledge or want to let us know how you succeeded, that’s totally fine. I prefer articles on beauty, books, education, family, fashion, finance, fitness, food, health, insurance, home improvement, home security, jewelry, luxury experiences, nursery, outfits, parenting, personal development, personal finance, pregnancy, relationships, traditions, travel, wedding and more.


Guest post guidelines

To accept your pitch, these are the guidelines I have to ask you to follow. Please note that I will make any edits that I consider necessary before publishing your post on this blog. I also reserve the right to refuse any guest post due to poor grammar or writing.

  • At least 800 words. At the bare minimum, your post must be 800 words. Ideally more than 1k to provide incredible value to readers.
  • Links to your personal blog. I will place one link to your personal blog’s homepage (if you have a personal blog) in the author bio section, and you may include 1-2 additional links to your content inside the body of the post. I am also happy to link to your social media profiles.
  • Links to other websites. If you write about a hot topic and you feel like crediting or referencing somebody’s work (studies, resources, news related to your post), you can include a link to that webpage. I also appreciate when you take the time to link to other relevant posts on Fancy Ladies.
  • A short bio about yourself. If you want to introduce yourself to the readers of your article, add a short bio with some context about who you are. If you’d like, please also send a head shot to include in the author section.

I reserve the right to add additional internal and external links, as well as adjust the title, headings and/or content slightly to include well-researched and high-performing keywords.
To send your guest post, write an email to: contact [@] fancy-ladies-at [.] com

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