Health is the most important element of each and every one of us and so is exercise and workout sessions. Be it in our daily life, during work routines or even when we are traveling for business or personal visits. If you happen to be traveling then it even has the best results, reserved for you. As when you are traveling, your entire body is jet lagged and exhausted so, working out will relax your body muscles and you can maintain your good health during the entire tour. It will tune your body shape as well.

If you are traveling to countries or cities with beaches or happen to live in one, then we have the best workout routine suggestions for you to observe and let the effect wash over you for better results on your health and body, just locate the best and beautiful beaches near you.


The 1st suggestion for a workout on a beach is to simply run along. It may sound simpler than it really is because it is not easy to run on the sandy areas. You need a steadier grip and a proper stance by your body; this will end up giving you firm thighs and calves. It is also important to run on sand because the surface of sandy area is smooth and straight and you have no worries of any injury or uneven falls causing you blisters or sores. This routine is easy to manage because you need not carry any equipment or tool for this to the beach. Just dress up as appropriate as to feel comfortable while you complete your running session. If you want it to be harder than you can alternate it with jogging after a simple run of 30 minutes. This routine is also not time specific, you can alternate it or adjust it as per you schedule and free time.

Another advantage of this workout routine is that you will be able to discover and see more beaches and enjoy the beauty of it, all in less time. The serenity, fresh air and peace of the beach will work in other ways to make you fresh and calm. To get even better results, we suggest you to schedule your running session in the morning to enjoy and let the tranquil of the sea, relaxing sounds of birds, and fresh air soothe your soul.


If you are living in the city of beaches or travel to one then to remain fit, healthy and smart, another suggestion for you is to swim. This workout routine is best to acquire more strength in your core, better stamina and it can affect your heart rate in a very positive way, repelling you away from many heart diseases while keeping you fit.

Just make sure that you are near the shore because water may get deeper than it looks and while in the water you can miss your direction check, too. This is the best exercise for your entire body as your every muscle and inch is being used and thus toning your body, while you are working against the water resistance to stay on top and breathe in between.

Push ups & sit ups & squats & lunges

The last option of workout on the beach is to go for the simple body weight workout session. They all form what is generally known as HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training session which means that it hardly gives you any break in between and thus is the best work out session to shape your upper and lower body without the help of any equipment or tool. All you have to do is to dress appropriate and go for this body weight exercise near any beach on the sandy area.

The sandy area will provide an even enough surface for you and will also help you if you are a beginner, in saving you from blisters and sores from your falls. This workout routine is a bit harder in the matter of strength but it has excellent results for your body and shape because it is a mixture of small exercise routines and reps and thus caters to most of your stubborn body fat too. You can alternate the reps and exercises as per your convenience but don’t let the muscle burns slow you down, because that is what will give you the most positive result in the end. You can also plan it as per your schedule and time in hand between few upper body and some lower body exercises.

Don’t forget to warm up before the session and to stretch at the end of the session to cool down as your body needs them both to get ready and to recover without any muscle pulls or injuries.

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