With our busy our lives are, holidays have become necessities. It is great to get out of the regular routine and do something elsewhere for a change. Holidays are important. They help us relax and unwind. Holidays also help us reconnect with loved ones. I enjoy going on vacations. If I could afford it, I would go somewhere special every month.

I have decided to do as much travel as I can this year and going forward. There are many cities/countries I am yet to visit to fully explore, and I really can’t wait to get on with it. I would love to see the world and appreciate all it has to offer.

Why Holidays are Important

I get to relax

Staying in hotels whenever I am on holiday is important to me. Even when I have a free place to stay with family/friends, I rather stay in a hotel. We work very hard on a good day, so when on holidays, we like to put my feet up and do nothing.

I don’t want to do anything while on holidays so the idea of room service, breakfast in bed, someone cleaning up after me (for a change) is right up my street. I would rather spend the money and unwind properly.

See the world

Going holiday means I get the opportunity to explore a different city. I want to see the world, and so far, I have seen quite a bit of it. I have visited Dubai, Oman, New York, Maryland, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Düsseldorf, Miami, Ireland and many more.

There are still a couple of countries on my travel list I need to see. I am slowly ticking them off one by one. The world is beauty and it would be a shame not to explore its beauty. I love every city I have seen for different reasons. Some are loved for their spectacular urban architecture, others for their party bus spirit, amazing food and great shops.

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