A wedding is one of the most memorable events in an individual’s life. It stands out as a representation of loyalty and the foundation of your affection towards your significant other. Quite naturally, such an occasion calls for the presence of family, friends, closed ones, and well-wishers. Since dressing up is an integral part of the entire event, every person present plans to look the best.

That is why, when you are attending a wedding as a guest, you must always go for the right wedding guests dresses so that it matches with the wedding theme and the environment.

What type of dress should you wear at a wedding?

When there is a dress code specified on your wedding invitation, it means you either have to stay casual or formal during the ceremony. Dress codes can help you dress appropriately for a particular wedding, where you are invited. Whether it is the wedding or the reception, there are many types of beautiful dresses that you can wear as a guest.

  1. White Tie attire: White tie stands out as a formal dress code for any wedding. On certain occasions, it is also referred to as full attire. A full-length gown in a jewel or black tint, which is not that bright, can be the right choice. Don’t go for a cocktail dress in these types of weddings. Style your hair properly, and wear the best jewelry, and wear full-face makeup.
  2. Black Tie dress: The black-tie weddings are much more common than the white tie ones. Even though it’s expected, but it still needs a powerful dressing-up effort. If you are attending a black-tie wedding, go for a formal cocktail, a floor-length evening gown, or a knee-length dress. Depending on the location, you can also wear formal jumpsuits and chic style dresses. Make sure to wear some glossy accessories or some exquisite jewelry.
  3. Cocktail Attire: The cocktail dresses are pretty elegant, but they are much more fun to wear because they are buttoned-up or formal. It is essential to dress your best, but make sure you can have fun with your dress. Wear a knee-length cocktail dress, a smart pant look, a beautiful blouse, or a skirt and blouse blend. You can opt for a sleek blow out or an up-do to top off your style.
  4. Beach Formals: The formal beach dresses are for beach weddings. A knee or tea-length dress or a floral maxi dress will go well with upscale seaside weddings. You can wear fancy flats or sandals and a stylish shawl with it. There is no need to go overboard with the hairstyle, as you can opt for simple loose waves or chignon bun.
  5. Casual dressing: Many couples request their guests to wear informal attire for their laid-back wedding. You will also encounter casual attire listed within the formal wedding events like welcome cocktails, laid-back events, or morning-after brunch. For informal weddings, go for jumpsuits, sundresses, blouse and skirt pairing, or a comfortable maxi dress. Make sure to wear some playful accessories and keep your makeup and hair simple.

Dresses that you must not wear to a wedding as a guest

If you want to dress up appropriately for a wedding ceremony, then given below are some of the clothing that you must not wear.

  • When you are invited to a wedding, you must not wear white apparel, unless the invitation stipulates it. Even during the wedding events, which take place after the big day, you shouldn’t wear it.
  • If the ceremony is at a worship place, be sure to carry a shawl or a jacket to cover up your shoulders if you are wearing a sleeveless top or an attire. When the dress code tells you to wear a cocktail dress, try to pick up a longer attire.
  • Please don’t wear jeans at a casual wedding ceremony, as they are too casual for an important event like this.
  • If you have decided to wear pants at a wedding, make sure they are dressy and not too casual.
  • You must follow the wedding dress code, so it’s better not to go overboard with it. Please don’t wear a ball-gown for a patio event as its better to keep it low key.
  • Don’t go to the wedding in a hurry. Instead, if you want to dress uniquely, then look for a dress that comes with a fashionable cut-out.

Final Words

A wedding is an important event, and the dress you wear at a wedding is also essential. There are numerous beautiful and unique pieces of dresses available. They come in many designs, styles, and beautiful and elegant dresses from a reputed online store. Browse through their collections and find out the one that suits you perfectly.

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