When it comes to overtly showing love to your owner, dogs top the charts. No one can beat pet dogs in the ways they express their feelings towards their owner – be it wagging their tail, barking when they see you or licking your face constantly, even if you’re not all that receptive.

However, cats have always been criticised for their lack of emotion. Cats have always been associated with acting like a royal entity, owning the house they are living in. Over the years, there have been several complaints by cat owners regarding the lack of emotion or love showed by their feline friends.

Well, this is not true! Though cats may not be as overt and expressive as dogs when it comes to showing affection towards the owner, they surely do have their own ways of expressing love. These are tiny cute ways in which a cat would show how much it loves you from their actions.

Cat owners often fail to identify the little ways in which their cats show their affection, the worst being their comparison to dogs. You must have had friends telling you that dogs are way better than cats as they can show their love nicely.

This is never the case. All you need is good attention and an open mind. Cats are equally capable of showing emotions as dogs or any other animal. Let’s make the task easier for you. Here are some of the most prominent and expressive ways in which your feline friends can show affection towards you.

You must be familiar with the process of kneading dough. Cats have a weird way of showing love by doing the same action to your legs. As cats make great lap pets, it is common for any cat owner to have them on their laps.

If they tend to knead your legs while you pet them on your lap, they definitely love you. This is rarely noticed by cat owners as they see it as a sign of them wanting to…

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