The brides of today’s modern generation are far different than the brides of the olden ages. Nowadays, brides are more independent and usually have more say when it comes to the decision making and preparation of her wedding. From her bridal gown to the last tiniest detail of her jewelry are all meticulously selected and prepared. And that is why when it comes to looking and buying for the perfect jewelry to wear at her wedding; most brides prefer to stick with their specific taste and do not follow old traditions.

Buying jewelry is a very important decision since there is a huge monetary investment that follows this action. And that is why modern brides prefer to choose and buy jewelry with practical aspects in mind and not just simply showing off to friends and relatives who would attend her wedding. And because of this, versatile jewelry has taken the spotlight and become the latest fashion in bridal jewelry.

Here some of the main reasons why you should choose versatile jewelry for your big day!

Versatile jewelry is for more than one occasion

Versatile jewelry’s biggest advantage is that you will end up buying a jewelry that you will be able to use on other occasions, other than just your wedding day. For women, jewelry is one of the most significant accessories and no matter what events or occasion they are attending, they have to pair their beautiful dress with a set of dazzling jewelry.

Buying different sets of jewelry for each and every occasion possible is a big no-no and that is why versatile jewelry comes in handy. It gives you a lot of option of matching and mixing different jewelry sets you have and creates various styles to every jewelry piece that makes it look new and different every time you wear it.

Moreover, there are even sets of versatile jewelry available that you can use even at work or put together with your OOTD whenever you go shopping, to show off your fashion taste.

Saves more money

During the preparation of your wedding, it is quite easy to get carried away with the budget just because you want everything on your wedding to be perfect. However, you need to rein it in a little. Wedding jewelry does not need to shovel your bank balance. Versatile jewelry can be a little cheaper than most traditional and old jewelry sets. Or, if you already have other pairs of jewelry, versatile jewelry can really go well with any of them. Just experiment and do a little combination of each and you will surely find the pair you want.

Moreover, versatile jewelry also saves you more money in the long run. Like I have mentioned earlier, versatile jewelry can be used not just for your wedding but also for another occasion. You will not need to buy jewelry sets now and then in order to match upcoming events and prevents your wallet from being empty.

Detach and reattach parts to change looks

Because brides are supposed to be the center of attraction on her wedding day, some jewelry can be really heavy. However, during the reception or other wedding ceremony activities, she may not need to wear heavy ones and probably spent more time in the dressing room again to replace all heavy jewelry with a lighter one. Because of that, most brides choose to buy two sets of jewelry; one is heavy, the other is light for the reception.

Versatile jewelry can prevent that. There are certain types of versatile jewelry that allows various parts of the jewelry set to be detached and reattached in order to have a change in heaviness and look. As a result, the bride can change the look of the jewelry set depending on the function she has to attend.

From traditional, go modern or both

Most women are skeptical about choosing versatile jewelry for their wedding day because they think it is too much of a modern concept and may not look good when paired with their wedding gown, and especially if everyone is expecting a traditional look from the bride.

However, what’s great about versatile jewelry is that it is versatile in every way. Designs of versatile jewelry set rooted from traditional wedding jewelry and therefore its basic feel is also traditional. And by interchanging and combining various set parts, you can have a modern looking designer jewelry set as well. Depending on your needs, a versatile jewelry set can give you traditional and modern look, or you can have both.


The wedding is the biggest and happiest day in a bride’s life. Therefore she spends so much time and effort to look her best. What more can a husband gives his eager soon-to-be wife than a beautiful eternity ring she can wear as an added piece of jewelry to make her shine on her day?

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