I’m quite a bit experienced on the subject since I have been a vegan for three years now and a vegetarian for about eight years. However, I’m no expert in the field, so this article is just a guide from another regular vegan for those of you who are interested in how to stay strong and healthy as vegans.

Someone approached me that he became vegetarian since he didn’t like the feeling he got after consuming meat, but when he went to the gym after making this change, he began to feel extremely weak and naturally that troubled him.

There are a few ways I can help with that. Firstly, there could be numerous reasons that cause you to feel weak, for example, lack of sleep, irregularity of going to the gym, not consuming enough calories and so on. In case it is due to the food you eat, you need to eat nutritious foods that have a good amount of protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients.

If you think being vegan makes you weak, you’re wrong. Do a little research and you’ll find out that people from different professions; both male and female such as Crossfitters, professional soccer players, those who play karate, Olympic participants, bodybuilders and many more are vegan and yet taking up careers that require extreme strength. So it’s not very difficult to stay healthy as a vegan, all it requires is a little experimentation and research to see what works for you.

Speaking from personal experience and the research I have conducted on this, I’ve listed down a couple of tips on how much of each nutrient you should consume and which foods you can find them in easily.

Proteins are one of the basic nutrients that everybody is familiar with. It’s commonly found in many foods so it is easy to fulfill the protein requirement in your diet. Personally, I think that you can get maximum protein out of beans and legumes – including red, black, pinto, garbanzo, white and navy beans and also tofu, peas, and peanuts. My favorites, though, are lentils and tempeh. Whole grain food products like flour and wheat also have a good amount of protein in them, I’m sure we can all agree to that since our parents have been telling us that since childhood to get us to eat healthily. Moreover, most nuts and seeds are an amazing source of protein. You can maybe put some in your bag; eat them at work as a healthy snack or they can be part of your meal. You should eat beans or legumes, along with nuts/seeds, in your meals at least…

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