Who said just because you are a single mom or dad can’t enjoy a memorable holiday vacation with your little munchkins? While it may come with some challenges, they are not enough to block you from this part of the fun.

Single parenting can be overwhelming even under normal circumstances but if you have pulled through to this day, it shows you are a great parent and a vacation won’t be any different.

In fact, the experience can be a whole lot of fun worth your money, time and energy.

Travelling with your children can create a strong bond and lasting memories for both of you. That opportunity you give your children to explore the world can open their minds to different ideas which can help them to develop themselves in their adult years.

Therefore, don’t concentrate on the hustle of getting to your destination and coming back home in one piece. Rather, look at the impact the vacation experience will have on you and your children.

If travelling with your children is something you really want to do but you are hesitant because you are a single parent.

Here are amazing tips and resources to help you plan for the vacation, make the whole experience fun and less stressful.

Have a flexible plan

When planning your trip, do so with an open mind. Being too strict can make you more stressed and worried. This can be terrible news especially with kids alone and without another adult to consult.

At times, you may be forced to change the day’s itinerary due to many obstacles such as weather changes, means of transport not convenient enough for your kids or even your child falling sick.

You have to be prepared for such unforeseen circumstances so that in case they ever happen, you won’t feel like your whole trip was ruined.

The fact that you found it difficult to visit all the attraction sites you had put in your to-do-list shouldn’t necessarily mean you didn’t go on a vacation.

You actually did. The only difference is that the experience was different from what you had anticipated.

Besides, the whole scenario won’t only create memorable moments but it will also assist you when planning for your next vacation. As they say, the experience is the best teacher.

Consult the kids

Not unless you are dealing with toddlers, you need to consult your kids when making the plans. After all, they are your travel buddies and you need to be on the same page for the trip to be a success.

Ask them to suggest the places they would love to visit…

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