With between 40-50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it seems that splitting up is almost as common as getting married itself, but unfortunately, the parties aren’t as good. Separation and divorce bring many emotions to the surface, this can make navigating the split more difficult and it can be a tough journey for all involved.

If you’re considering divorce, there are a few ways that you can prepare yourself to make it easier, especially if there are children involved.

What to Do First?

Create a plan before you rush headlong into anything. This is a big decision and even though you may feel at the end of your tether, if you start the process right, you’ll be prepared for the lengthy and emotional process ahead. Here are some things you can do:

Learn What to Expect

Talk to any of your friends or family who have been through a divorce; even approach a counselor together if you and your spouse agree that this is the best thing. If you can’t do that, speak to your family attorney, they can advise you on books or websites that might help. Find out the legal terms that you need to understand ahead of any hearings. If you have children, learn more about custody and child support.

Put Down Your Phone

Social media isn’t a good place to air your grievances. Put away your phone and get off your laptop. Be aware that your electronic communications can be used against you in court and you don’t know who may gossip or not really be on your side.

Posting innocuous photos may seem ok, but your spouse may draw into question who you were with and what you were spending. It’s simply better to just take a break from it during this time. Also, refrain from texting or emailing your soon-to-be ex any more than necessary – context can be lost over text and arguments can easily arise.

Get Your House in Order

Financially speaking, that is. If you can sit down with your partner and go through your debts and shared assets, that will be helpful; you should have this information before approaching a divorce attorney. Try to have at least one account of your own to protect yourself in case your spouse attempts…

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