Sooner or later birthday parties become an all-year round torment in most of our lives and once you have kids you will find yourself being a regular kids’ birthday party hopper even before you know it – either you are hosting a party, or you are invited to one.

As this becomes a never-ending affair once you have kids, it goes without saying that you must be able to tackle the money matters smartly. As it is, organising a birthday party is quite tedious and until and unless you are a party planner, you sigh every time you think of organising one.

But research reveals that to throw a great and enjoyable kids’ birthday party you don’t need to spend excessively or create a lot of fanfare.

However, there are numerous questions that need to be asked and several things need to be kept in mind in order to organise a kids’ birthday party without making a dent in the pocket.

Here are some tips to help you save money on your kids’ birthday party. Just read on.

  • Create a Budget – Creating a budget will actually tie your hands and will prevent you from breaking or surpassing the amount that you have set for yourself. If you don’t have a plan on how to spend the money it is very easy to go over the top. Making a budget also gives you an opportunity to be creative in deciding on what exactly you want to spend the money – decorations, birthday cake, food or entertainment! And when you write down a budget it is quite hard not to follow it as you have already made a commitment to it subconsciously.
  • Opt Out of DIY – You will come across thousands of great mom crafts through the internet search of themed birthday party decor. But experts suggest that if you compare the energy, time and costs of the DIY projects that you need to accomplish you will find it much more convenient to pick up the cheaper counterparts from the store. Why do you bother to create the Pinterest-inspired and detailed hand-made décor when you can get the readymade ones easily form your nearby store! The kids in most cases are not going to notice anything and you will find many better places to spend your dollars, time and money on later.
  • Go Digital and Include RSVPs – Opt for free electronic invitations this time. This way you will save the money that you usually spend on invitations made with paper. You should also include RSVPs that the invitees can send by reverting through the mail or commenting or replying at the various social media platforms.
  • Skip the Caterers – Apart from the expensive décor, the food is one thing that can make you invest massively. So, skip the caterer this year if you want to save money. Instead do the cooking all by yourself and ask some close family members for help. Throw the party mid-afternoon if you do not want to worry about a meal. This way you will have to make just snacks. Pizza is always your cheapest option in this case. You can offer water instead of soda and you won’t be able to beat that.
  • Make the Cake the Fun Part – Add something refreshing to the entire celebration by skipping the birthday cake altogether. You can go for simple cupcakes instead and add some cake decorating items to it and let the kids decorate the cupcakes themselves. This way you will have one less game or activity to plan and it will also save the extra bucks.
  • Go for Pinatas – Pinata is one thing that you should not skip on. From any local party store, you can grab a cheap one and this is one activity that is bound to keep the kids busy for a while. This is a favourite party game and it is better not to keep the price tag in mind in this case.
  • Don’t Go for Expensive Goody Bags – A bag full of junkie is something that no parent appreciates, and no kid loves. So, skip the candies and cheap plastic toys and instead stick to one significant takeaway. For instance, you can create games like treasure hunts or a game of kites and hand the findings or the kites over to the kids on their way out. This will not be heavy on the pocket and the kids leave like winning the lottery while the parents don’t have to deal with the junk.

The above are some of the ways as suggested by the professionals of reputed event organisation by following which you can save money for your kid’s birthday party and at the same time ensure an enjoyable occasion that will remain etched in the minds of the attendees for a long time.
This article was written by Sawoni Chowdhury, an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and lot more.

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