Moving into a new house on your own is hard already, but even harder is the task to make it feel like a home rather than just a house. This can go for anyone moving into a new place and leaving their old homes behind. Getting used to a new house is difficult and can take a long time, but by decorating it in a certain style or incorporating some of the same things from your previous home, it can help the journey be a lot easier. Here are a few more tips on how you can make your house feel cozier and more like a real home, rather than just somewhere you live.

Here are some top elements of your house that you can adjust to help make it feel cozier and welcoming:

Adjust the lighting, natural and synthetic

Softer lighting often can make your home feel cozier and more inviting. Harsh and bright lighting often is too hard on the eyes and can make your house seem hard rather than soft. Having curtains or cloth blinds on your windows is a good way to get soft lighting. Light pink, beige, or grey curtains paired with lacy white or sheer white curtains add a very soft and cozy touch. Have your synthetic lighting in yellow shades rather than harsh white lighting and it can more warmth to your home.

Instead of plain wood floors, add rugs and blankets

Plain wood or cement floors can give your house a cold vibe and is less homey and cozy. The addition of rugs is a good chance to add décor to your house in your taste and also create a homier vibe. You can incorporate your style into your house and also make it cozier by choosing warmer colored rugs. It also helps in the rugs you choose are fluffy or voluminous because it will create the air of softness around your whole house.

You can also add fluffy wool blankets to help brighten up any room and make it feel welcoming. They are great for throwing over sofas or writing rooms which are full of boring office furniture. You can mix and match with different designs such as plaid or tartan, or go for blankets which are made of soft virgin wool.

Add nice smells to your house

A nice or sentimental scent is the definition of cozy. If done right, your whole house can smell amazing and make you and others feel comfortable and relaxed. A good way to incorporate scents into your home is in the form of candles. You can also use essential oils in a humidifier if you don’t like the risk of fire. Smells may not seem like a big deal in making your home cozy, but they do make a huge difference.

Incorporate your personality into your home

The addition of pieces of décor that your find dear to you or have some kind of symbolism to you can do a huge part in making your home feel cozier to you. Choosing quirky pieces like a painted vase you like, or a fluffy blanket that makes you feel cozy, will also translate into your home’s atmosphere. Have lots of plants spread around- Having live things in your home will make you feel good and alive yourself. Homes that do not have any greenery or flowers in them can often look bare and dead. Spread lots of potted plants and large bouquets of flowers around your home to make it feel alive, bright, and comfortable to the max.

Hope That Helps!

Hope this article has given you some inspiration for turning your house into a home. If you’ve got any suggestions, use the comments section below to add your own tips!

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