Hi friends! today, in partnership with brooklinen, i’m sharing a little peek into our bedroom in our new apartment, and 5 tips i have found to really help to create a peaceful environment so you can take control of getting all the rest you need, even if it comes in four hour shifts because #KIDS. 😉

while we’re still getting set up and unpacked and situated in our new apartment, i knew during the process that i needed to have one tiny home base in my bedroom where i could feel settled and at peace. the rest of the apartment can be unorganized and crazy for a bit longer! but give me just a little room where i know where everything is, that’s tidy and clean and situated! we’re still not entirely finished decorating our bedroom, but i did paint one accent wall (it looks black in these photos but it’s actually a dark blue!) and organized it as best i could in the meantime. i love it. it’s such a comfortable and peaceful spot in the apartment. and definitely up there in the running for my favorite spot in all of the apartment!

something i’ve learned the hard way over the past several years is how important sleep is in order for me to function properly. as a mother of three who is trying to juggle it with everything else, it’s absolutely necessary. even if it comes in doses and might not be that prescribed 8 hour sleep cycle the doctor orders. to make the most of the sleep i am able to get, i’ve found little tricks or methods that help relax my energized brain and body so i can take full advantage of whatever time i do have to rest, and it helps a lot! i’d love to share these tips with you, and hear any others you might have in the comments below!

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