If you are getting married and you have kids, there are plenty of ways to make them feel included.

Getting married when you have children can transform the dynamic of your wedding completely. The focus will shift from making yourselves happy to keeping your children happy. But, you also need to make yourself happy.

Whether your happiness would be to have the perfect body you dreamed of having for your wedding and fitting your gorgeous wedding dress, or it is making sure that all your important friends make it on that very day, you need to find a good way to balance everybody’s needs out.

Here are some tips that will come in handy if you are getting married and you have kids:

Choose an Outdoor Venue

An outdoor venue gives you exclusive use and is more self-contained. When you choose to have your wedding outside, you will always know where the kids are because everyone is at one place. Moreover, there is no chance of the children wandering into the wrong room. An outdoor space is open and it makes it easier for your children to run around and enjoy themselves.

Give the Kids Their Own Area

Outdoor venues can give you the chance to create your own wedding village with a marquee or tipi. However, you can also book a smaller tent such as a yurt specifically for the kids. Provided you hire someone to supervise them, you will not even notice that they are there. A specialized tent will also make it easier to plan several children’s activities.

Add Fun Food to the Menu

Child-friendly food is necessary if you are going to have kids at your wedding. When you go with an outdoor venue, you will be able to experiment with different foods that both children and adults will enjoy. Children will not enjoy…

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