Pursuing a healthy work/life balance is something that is often on the minds of creatives — especially for those of us that work for ourselves, are freelance, and/or work from home. It can be a slippery slope when you know you could technically work many more hours than the traditional 9-5, or that your schedule can be so flexible that perhaps you don’t leave the house for several days in a row (not recommended) because then you’ll get a complete day or two off later in the week. Soon, you could find yourself un-showered and bleary eyed, pushing through day two of not even interacting with another human (guilty), before you realize that’s probably less than ideal. This is why finding a happy and healthy work/life balance is so important.

Luckily, if you find yourself in need of a little balance, Becky Simpson is here to share tips that have worked for her in her own design and illustration business. She’s also made a helpful flowchart (which you can buy, too!). She designed the flowchart with both humorous and helpful guidance to bring you back from the brink, and remind you that self-care is vital in avoiding burnout! Below you’ll find Becky’s advice for mindfulness and work/life harmony.

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