Well, for the last 2 weeks pretty much the most energetic thing I’ve done most days is a half hour of Yoga in the morning.

The end of our Roller Derby season coincided, conveniently, with a 2 week closure of my gym, so I took the opportunity to wind down a little. Although we still had practice, I took it easy the rest of the week, focusing on some nice long walks and daily yoga for flexibility and a bit of strength.

Next week my Gym re-opens, and as our Roller Derby off season starts it’s time to get myself back into a routine and get myself back on track, to start focusing on my fitness goals for the coming season.

Although I chose to take this break, the feeling of going back to it is no different than those times that you go on holiday, or Christmas happens, or you have a particularly hard time at work, and suddenly the little routine you’d built up is derailed a bit and the thought of going back to the gym suddenly seems so haarrrd! Those can be touch and go times, times when it seems like all your hard work might go “pfft” and vanish into thin air as you struggle to find that mythical willpower and your routine that felt so easy before feels like such a struggle to maintain.

Remembering that willpower doesn’t exist, and everything is just choices is the first step of the battle. The rest of it consists of ways of making it easy on yourself to make those choices till your routine is back on track!

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