These days every one of us is striving to meet the financial needs for our families, making it difficult to manage between professional and personal life. The struggles become even harder, if you are a lady. Your challenges are far more than men’s, if you are a working lady and have to look after your home and baby. And I can only imagine how hard it would be for you, if you are a new mom.

Life and things get pretty easy if your partner is understanding and tries to help in sharing the burden and duties but that option cannot be available all the times. He may be an understanding husband, but he might get no time to run errands for you. So in short, the duty of managing your home along with your work lies on your shoulders.

I would like to share a couple of tips with you, to make things a little more organized and easier for you and so that you can work your way out of the guilt that you are not spending your time with your baby. Keep reading and I assure you, my tips will be handy for you.

1. Maximize the value of your time at home

This is the most important and result oriented tip, to help you cater to your personal guilt. All you have to do is to spend the time at home, with your lovely child, in a way that you both could cherish it. For instance, when you actually go down on your knees to play with them as per their standards and let them have quality time with you, that not only boosts your mama feelings but also make your child immensely happy, to have you around for his one on one play time and experience.

This way, when you won’t be around, you will still be connected with your child and be satisfied. After play time and connecting with your child with feeding him or reading him a story, put him to a nap yourself, before handing the power to your nanny and then mange your other house and personal things or chores in the free time. Else, you can do them over the weekends to stay organized the entire upcoming week.

2. Stay healthy to be a good mom

Don’t let the pressures take the best of you. You must not let the chores, work, baby and home consume you. The 2nd most important tip is to work on yourself. You need to be healthy to take care of everything around you. Imagine, if you are over burdening yourself and never taking time out for work out, walk or any healthy habit then you will fall prey to sickness and that will lead everything to fall apart. The most effected in that scenario will be your child and thus comes the guilt back. So, the easy way out from this entire scene is to take some time out for yourself every day for a jog, walk or some sort of exercise and have proper meals instead of just groping things from the left overs. Remember! A healthy mom can built a healthy home and can work efficiently, too.

3. Do things together with your family

This is the easiest and yet most result oriented tip. Let me put it this way, why would you feel most guilty for work? Isn’t it because you have this burning guilt inside you that you should rather be at home and making things happen for your family and playing and caring for them?

But who says you cannot do this every day, after work? Manage some time out and match it with your husband, to plan small outings, gatherings and play times to pools, parks, lunches, dinners or family visits.

When you will do things like these with your family then you won’t feel any guilt and you will be working magic to run everything smooth in your life as a working mom.

4. Cook for them

Another easy tip to stay away from the looming guilt is to cook for your family. When you will be home, and cooking lunches and dinners for them with love, then neither the guilt ‘of not doing enough stuff for my family’ will loom over your head nor you will be worried about them having ready-made food or junk food.

5. Don’t devalue your presence

And lastly, just remember to be with them when you are with them. As these days the general observation is that many people are so engrossed in gadgets that even when they are together they are somewhere else. Don’t devalue your presence. Put your phone, laptop or any other such gadget away, especially when you are having family time. Let your child feel that he is the center of your life and attention. Once he feels that then you are free from all sorts of guilt and you can live a balanced life of a working mom, happily.

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