It is always advised to participate in outdoor games to keep the body fit and active all the time. Yes, that is a great advise but what you can do at an indoor location?

The trampoline parks feature a variety of ways to have fun and keep your body fit. That’s why people’s interest in such venues is increasing day by day.

Trampoline parks are not only for having fun activities, but you can also choose this venue to celebrate a birthday.

It will be a great place to keep your guests entertained and engaged in activities that they usually don’t try, such as hopping on a bouncy surface.

There are many other things you can try in this park when celebrating a birthday, which are as follows.

Play and compete

You don’t need to be pretty athletic if you want to play some games in a trampoline park. All the games you will play here will not hurt you in any way. So, just check them and try them at your birthday party.

Bounce battle

It is a great game to play when you are in a trampoline park. It not only tests players’ endurance but also will power.

Both players should stand on the trampoline, facing each other. Now do seat drops and then launch yourself up in the air.

A player, who will be able to jump higher after each seat drop, will win the game. There should be enough distance between both players that they can safely land on the trampoline without hurting one another.

Hot potato

Kids love to play this game because it is full of fun and enjoyment. You should ask all the kids in your birthday party to try this game.

Let them stand still on a bouncy trampoline and let one of these kids hold the bouncy ball. Now let them jump and pass the ball.

Each kid must catch the ball and pass it to another kid while jumping on the trampoline. If any kid holds the ball longer than two seconds or if he fails to hold it, he will be out. In fact, adults can also try this game to see who wins…

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