The last time I went skiing was about three years ago with Cosmos Holidays. I was on a press trip at the time and I was one of two journalists who hadn’t ever skied a black run.

All the others were pros. Well, semi-pros. How did I know this? Well, firstly they used terminology that I’d have to translate using some sort of ski dictionary, and secondly some of them paid extra to have extra long skis – to make them go faster apparently. Talk about feeling like an amateur…little old me with my bum bag and my mum’s Salopettes!

But don’t get me wrong. I knew how to ski; years of annual ski holidays as a kid meant that I was a pretty dab hand on the slopes, but I just couldn’t tackle the black runs – not yet anyway. Plus – and the big factor here – I hadn’t been skiing in years, so I didn’t know how quickly I would pick it up again – if at all.

To cut a long story short, I needn’t have worried. I discovered that skiing is very much like riding a bike; once you’ve learnt the skill it is ingrained somewhere deep within the grey matter – and I was delighted to be back on the slopes whizzing along as fast as my skis would carry me.

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