To look beautiful is the right of every human being. We go through all sorts of pollution and skin and hair damaging things these days that to get healthy skin or hair, one has to put up an effort. Hair is also the most to get damaged from all the technologically advanced hair equipment like straighteners, hair blowers and crimpers. One also needs to be careful of all the remedies we keep hearing around. Not every hack or remedy can be tried on all the hair types. Be cautious! To get healthy and shiny hair, here are a few easy tips for you all that will also reduce your struggle for gorgeous and strong hair.

Slip pillowcase

The very first and easy tip is to start using a Slip pillowcase. It can be handy and useful for all hair types as the purpose of this is to save your hair from the tangles, frizz and getting damaged while you are finally hitting the bed. It can be purchased easily from any internet site. Just order online and wait for your beauty product. I assure you, it will be really good for your hair. Made from pure silk it allows your hairstyle/blow-dry to last overnight. There’s a simple explanation for that, unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your face, hair & scalp, the Slip pillowcase breathes and is a natural temperature regulator.


Another of the most suitable tip for all is to keep yourself properly hydrated. This is not only about your health but is also great for the hair and even your skin. This is the cheapest of all the tricks and has no time boundary either. Just drink more water in pure or lime water form and soon it will become your second habit and you will eventually see the visible results in your hair and skin.

Hair brushes

Another very important detail that we often overlook is our hair brush. To use the right brush according to your hair type is as important as is food for us. It fuels the scalp and becomes a bit of its exercising tool to regulate the blood properly to all the roots and thus you get good and healthy hair growth. There are many types easily available in the market, just choose appropriately. Another tip is to use the specific task brushes for different styling. This will also help you a lot in untangling your hair and in keeping them shiny.

Go easy on hair ring

A lot of the ladies don’t really realize how much damage they cause by wearing those rubber hair rings, every time they make a ponytail or go for a hairstyle with a couple of them. They usually get badly tangled in your hair whenever you try to get them off, damaging or breaking all the hair around it. So the best tip is to go with the hair rings made of cloth or use traceless hair rings. They are more like wires and thus give you a good grip and shape without damaging your hair.


Another easy tip is to take vitamins. This will help you in good growth and having a healthy mane. Some people don’t like to swallow medicines and pills so for them they are also available in the chewable candies. Just seek them online and order easily.

Moroccan oil

It is my personal experience with Moroccan oil for the shiny and gorgeous hair. It works as the conditioner and thus ends up giving you silky smooth hair. I recommend this as the best hair product with maximum result. If you are not sure about whether it is safe for your hair type or not, use it on a small patch of your hair and then observe its progress. This oil also contains vitamins so it will boost your hair and growth in many ways.
In short, give your hair a little breathing space in between the straighteners and crimpers. Oil it now or then and brush it as little as to two times a day. Drink a lot of water and let vitamins do the remaining magic.

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