If you have ever experienced the déjà vu sensation and wondered what is the meaning behind it, you are in the right place. The truth of the matter is, the meaning of this phenomenon still remains universal.

Since so many people experience déjà vu, scientists have begun researching on it. Their aim is to gain more insight into what really causes it, physical or spiritual.

Deja vu is an expression that is derived from the French ‘déjà vu’ which means ‘already seen’ in English and it is a common intuitive experience that happens to most human beings.

It is however said to affect a higher number of 15 to 25-year-olds than any other age group. This strange phenomenon gives you the impression that a certain event has happened before despite you knowing that this particular event is happening for the first time and it is very unique.

This experience is followed by a sense of unreality. There are surveys which indicate that most people experience déjà vu at least once in their life. Some of them experience frequent deja vu.

There are a number of theoretical approaches that have been advanced on the account of mechanisms that really produce the déjà vu sensation.

Déjà vu occurs in such a way that it seems to spark your memory of a place you have been before, a person you already know or even an act you have already done.

Never blame yourself if you ever get this feeling of “I have been here before” or “he is not a stranger to me, I have seen him before”. The deja vu sensation may be freaky although it may turn out to be actually a good thing by the way.

What actually happens when you happen to get that weird feeling may possibly be beneficial to your memory issue.

Essentially, there are people who have traced their deja vu in places they just watched on TV or seen photos maybe somewhere on the internet.

That is why a more recent research with the help of brain imaging and virtual reality technique reveals that deja vu is a process in a more complicated memory than just an overactive memory.

There are different theories behind deja vu like a memory from a dream, a coincidental, overlapping of events or even a life experience in the past. Whichever way, it gives you an opportunity for additional knowledge about yourself and your surroundings.

If you look at the western culture, people tend to consider someone as a stranger if he is not in their circle of friends and family.

Yet there are those moments you meet this person and feel like you have known him for years and you don’t feel like you are meeting and mingling with a stranger. You even get surprised when you talk to them about anything and you understand each other quite well.

As you continue having a good time and laughing together easily, all seems to be in a commonplace. If you think they are reminding you of someone else you could be probably wrong and maybe you are just relating to them as people with a common history or members of the same tribe other than the strangers they are.

Deja vu has been explained as processing information that has been stored in the mind as just memories or imaginations…

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