By this point, it is common knowledge that stress will take a toll on the quality of your sleep generally, even if you sleep on a casper mattress, though you may not know exactly why that happens or how it leads to that. It is true though; feeling stressed out over an issue will leave you tossing and turning in bed because it enhances the psychological and physiological arouses that tend to make it hard for your mind and body to relax completely.

When you find yourself battling to get some shut eye after a particularly stressful day, just know you are not alone – getting good quality sleep is bound to be an elusive task. You will have trouble trying to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get refreshing sleep. In addition, the time you spend in the deep sleep stages – 3 & 4 – will also reduce as well. That also means that you will be more vulnerable to a mental breakdown the next day, since you are not well-rested.

So unless you are a Tibetan monk and claim you do not experience stress, here are some signs that it may be taking a toll on your sleep – and consequently your health.

Your muscles are too tense

People who suffer from chronic levels of stress fill find that their muscles are constantly tense and painful, while also experiencing various aches in different sections if the body – such as the shoulders, neck, and even migraines and headaches.

In addition, it is very hard to fall asleep when your mind is racing, and it is even harder to try and stay asleep. That annoyance of poor sleep is worse because it will set the stage for you to be increasingly irritable the next day and go through more headaches as well as sensitivity to pain.

Racing heartbeat

A common symptom of stress is a racing heartbeat or variations in heart rate, mainly due to the increase in cortisol levels (the stress hormone). This leads to even more muscular tension, as well as increasing automatic arousals, signs that make your efforts to sleep worse, and setting up sleep disturbances…

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