Yoga and Ayurveda have been combined throughout the ages. The eight limbs of yoga promote the Ayurveda way of living. This is part of the reason yoga teachers traditionally have a dancer’s body. Ayurveda can offer you a strong body but the benefits go so much deeper than that.

You will experience less stress as you offer the body food that helps to give you a balanced state of mind. You eat foods that are in season which means you’re getting the freshest produce available. It is a vegan diet which helps the mind to stay more pleasant. Science has uncovered that eating certain meat can actually make you feel angry.

Ancient Holistic Science for Focusing on the Middle Ground

Ayurveda is based on holistic science and is an ancient way of being. For centuries, it has been incorporated into Eastern lives and now in modern history, to the West. The focus of this holistic Science is to see your life between the emotional and physical self. When you do this, you create a wholeness in your psyche and soul self.

The belief is that the food we consume will partially dictate our feelings. This has been proven to be true through scientific research in modern time. The Sattvic diet is a noteworthy aspect of Ayurveda. It fuels the body and gives clarity to the mind. The food within the Sattvic diet calms the mind and the nervous system. Rajasic foods alternatively will incorporate meat which can cause heaviness in the body and a restless mind. If you are looking to create better balance in your life, Sattvic can help.

The vegetarian nature of the Sattvic diet creates lightness in the body. This makes it easier to do yoga poses at any given time of day. You receive all the nutrients you need without feeling weighed down. You will likely experience an elevation of energy and have clearer thinking.

Exercise in Ayurveda

If you feel tired when you work out or do yoga, you may want to shift your attention to an Ayurveda- lead diet. This might also be an idea if you’re having a problem sleeping and are unable to let the monkey mind go.

Exercise has long been used within the Ayurvedic model. Exercise helps us to get rid of any heaviness felt in the body. We get rid of stiffness in the body also. When you elevate your heartrate, you burn what is known as ama which are impurities in the digestive system. When you get rid of these impurities, you will have more energy and feel happier. Exercise pacifies the three doshas which create the all-around balance you’re trying…

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