Art is the creation and expression of imagination and creative skill, geared towards the production of works which seek to inspire and awe on the basis of beauty and the force of emotional power. By nature, it is subjective, it is born out of personal taste, opinions, and feelings. Art exists for the purpose of beauty, the personal taste and feeling expressed within it stirs opinions, good or bad. Art is a vulnerability, it is courage. It is putting yourself out there in the world, no matter what the cost is, no matter what the reaction from the masses may be.

For some, it takes up their whole lives and consumes their relationships, that mere desire to leave a mark on the world, no matter how big or small. It requires sacrifice, hard work, consistency and resilience. The art of today, much like everything else is based on the principle of freedom of expression. This principle effectively means that creativity is unchained, it is not bound by certain requirements, mediums, or expression. It is, in essence, an action that is carefree and natural, it flows unbound by external agents. The Black Tape Project is an expression of such creativity, a form of art that is one of a kind amongst the various types emerging today.

Picture this: beautiful, tanned women of various body types, ranging from curvy to downright skinny scantily clad in nothing but pieces of electrical tape, which is placed strategically along the body in exquisite mosaic-like tiled patterns in various hues of silver, gold, reds, purples, pinks and blacks, strutting down the walkway or relaxing at the beach or dancing the night away at the club.

This is the Black Tape Project. This ‘scintillating visual extravaganza that has captivated audiences around the globe‘ was born out of a disastrous shoot. In 2008, Joel Alvarez was an amateur photographer working on a project with a model who had a vision of being clad in black electrical tape for her last look of the shoot. To Alvarez, the idea seemed bizarre, ironically enough he could not entertain the idea, nevertheless, he went along with it. The photoshoot was a disaster, so much so that the photos will never see the light of the day. However…

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