One of the best beauty investments for your everyday life, believe it or not, are lash extensions. Women love them since they come in many different sizes, lengths, and materials, such as silk, mink, and synthetic lashes. When getting them done on a monthly basis know that any out of the previously mentioned three options are a great idea. They are long-lasting, affordable, sturdy, and beautiful. Ready to commit to them? You are at a right place!

Are Lash Extensions Sturdy?

Any woman that wants her extensions to last for more than 3 weeks knows that maintenance is essential. Your lashes will last you and will be worth your money, as long as you take proper care of them. So yes, they are very sturdy, just as long as you:

1. Clean Them

Just as your natural eyelashes need some loving and pampering, so do your extensions. Make sure you have the right set of tools once you get your “laschious” set. You will need:

a) Oil-free Products

You will need to remove your makeup with oil-free products since these are the best for your lashes. Also, avoid anything that contains alcohol since it can dry out your eyes and lashes.

b) Avoid Cotton

Cotton pads as well as q tips are very uncomfortable and not the handiest option for your lashes. Cotton might get stuck in between your extensions which will bother you and will be hard to remove.

c) Use Lukewarm Water

Pat dry your face every night when removing your makeup and only use your fingers. Don’t use cold or hot water, stick to the middle. Also, avoid any tugging motions since you don’t want to poke your eyes and move the extensions.

d) Use a Mascara Wand

Every night before you go to bed you can use a clear mascara wand and comb through your lashes. This technique will give you prepped and clean lashes for the next day. They will look fresh and natural, as well as ready for your makeup application.

2. Be Gentle

A gentle way is crucial! After getting extensions on, make sure you avoid any sudden and uncomfortable motions during the initial 24 hours. During this period, your lashes will set and bond along with your natural ones; therefore the glue must stay intact.

Another significant move for you is to avoid mascara. Mascaras are too watery, and they can pull out your extensions. Once that happens you will be left with a weird gap in between your lashes. Avoid mascaras during the first 24 hours, and if possible even later on. A successful lash application won’t demand any extra volume whatsoever, so make sure you find a good salon which will leave you with long-lasting results.

3. Avoid Picking Them

If you are impatient and not the best person and maintaining things, then you might want to reconsider on getting permanent lash extensions. Their lifespan is approximately 3-4 weeks, and once this time passes, you will be in need of a touch-up. If you are someone who can’t commit to things, then you will have a hard time going back and forth to the salon. After 3-4 weeks, your lashes will look uneven and spidery, and they will demand a refill. Make sure you don’t pick them or ruin by doing some DIY solutions. The only acceptable idea is for you to wear strip lashes till you don’t get to your next appointment. Let a professional deal with your sparse areas, and never tug or play with your eyelids.

4. Sleep On Your Back

Although it may appear like a funny advice, this one will prolong your lash lifespan and make them even sturdier. Those who can sleep on their back will keep their eyes away from the sheets, pillowcase, and arms. This means that nothing will come in touch with your new lashes and that they will stay in place. In time you will get used to this sleeping position, and your lashes will thank you later on!

Also, you shouldn’t wear any sleeping masks when going to bed, and you should wear your hair in a ponytail when sleeping. This advice will give your lashes at least an additional 5-6 days.

5. Stay Away From Heat

Lastly, your biggest enemy might be high temperatures, saunas, the pool, the beach etc. If you are getting your extensions for a holiday, make sure you get them done 4-5 days before travelling. This will give your extensions quite some time to set, and you will be care-free when out at sea.

However, if possible, you shouldn’t be overly exposed to these factors. Overexposure to the sun, high heat, water, humidity, or chlorine water may cause the glue to weaken sooner than expected. As long as you are not spending a lot of time around these factors, you will have lashes for 3+ weeks!

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