People say, life doesn’t stop for anyone and it has a continuous cycle that never pauses for anyone or anything. Still, sometimes in our lives we come at a point where we get stuck and fail to move ahead. That may not mean practically which is why, we may seem to be talking, eating, sleeping and in some cases even doing important chores. But we actually get stuck in terms of our thinking pattern.

Let me make this situation even more comprehensible for you by asking a simple question. Have you ever come at a turn in your life where you can’t get one person or his sentences out of your mind? Where you find yourself continuously thinking about ‘just him or her’? Your answer I am sure will be: ‘Yes’. He/she could be your lover, your spouse, your ideal, your inspiration or even in an unfortunate case a person who hurt you badly physically or emotionally.

Why does it happen? A well researched answer is that it is because of our toxic cyclical thinking process because of which we can’t push a person or situation out of our mind. And even though it sometimes hurt us, we still keep reliving those thoughts in our minds over and over again. This even harms our hormones and is highly harmful for our mind but our thoughts seem to be in no control. This is also declared to be one major cause of depression.

To be able to stop this continuous thinking pattern about someone, you need to ponder or figure out why you are thinking about that particular person or situation so much. It is important to know this detail because only then you can deviate your mind from it. For instance, are you embarrassed of a situation and thus you can’t take it out of your mind or is this about a particular person that you have fallen for, or about a person, friend or relative who actually have hurt you so much. Whatever is the reason of missing that person or reliving those moments needs to be acknowledged at the first step.

After figuring out the reason, you can now follow more tactics to help you stop thinking about a person from our below mentioned, few of the easy but useful tactics or…

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