Spiti is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. No denying. It is known as the cold dessert and lies in the upper Himalayas of India. It is known as cold dessert for a reason. One, the land is mostly barren with sand all around due to which it signifies the desert landscape. Second is due to its high altitude; the temperature sometimes goes in negative as well. In fact, during the winter season, it starts snowing here. Hence the name cold dessert.

Below, you will find a step by step guide to travel in Spiti. I am also talking about accommodation, places to visit and typical cost.

How to reach there

Spiti can be reached in two ways. One is through Reckong Peo and another is from Manali. Spiti is usually covered by travelers as a complete circuit. If you are coming from Manali side the entire circle of Spiti village is covered one by one and you leave the place from Reckong Peo, and vice versa. Again, you can choose any route it is up to you and your preference. Both the routes are equally serene. Although, from Reckong Peo you will be able to acclimatize your body a little better.

I followed Reckong Peo – Manali circuit. There are buses running on this route, however, they are not frequent hence be sure to catch the bus at the given time.

Reach Reckong Peo, which is a beautiful hill station famous for its Kinner Kailash, by catching a bus that leaves from Delhi at 8 PM. It takes around 18 hours to reach Reckong Peo by bus. Since there are no airports on the mountains the only way to reach here is by a bus or hiring a private car.

Further, from Reckong Peo there is a bus that leaves for Spiti early in the morning and subsequently there is a bus that leaves from every village at a particular time. Make sure to check the timings at every village so that you do not miss the bus for that day…

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