The ear is a very complex organ that you may take for granted many times – until when you fall sick and it affects your hearing, or as you grow older and realize you do not hear as well as you used to.

It is the main organ that determines your hearing ability, but also your overall body balance. It sends sound signals to your brain, which interprets sounds and allows you to hear. When you don’t take proper care of them, you are simply causing unnecessary damage. The good news is that the problems are manageable, and you can even do preventive measures that will prevent damage to them or lead to hearing loss.

Buildup of earwax

The earwax is not just something that your ears produce for the sake of it – it has an important role in defending them from external damage. The role of earwax is to lubricate, clean and protect the ear canal, since it traps any dirt entering the ears while slowing down the buildup of bacteria.

When the earwax builds up, it creates problems for the ear though, as it does not wash away naturally. Some signs of buildup of earwax include dizziness, aches and pains in the ear, a feeling of fullness within the ear canal, decreasing hearing, static noises or constant ringing in the ears, coughing, and irritation in the throat area.

What causes the problem?

Surprisingly, using cotton swabs to clean ear blockages is among the biggest culprits. The earwax comes from certain glands that are located in the outer part of the canal, and they, with the help of tiny hairs, also trap harmful particles such as dust from causing damage to the ears.

Using cotton swabs can damage these glands, and that means you are ruining your body’s natural defenses. The body will react by either producing too much wax or pushing wax further back into the canal, and this causes discomfort.

When do you seek treatment?

If these symptoms apply in your case, then you will require advice from an ENT specialist that can help in diagnosis. The removal of wax needs to be done safely by a doctor, as the inner part of the ear is very…

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