It’s been a while since I’ve put together a home inspired blog post, so today I’ve decided to put once together about a few small changes to the home that you may find really useful.

For those who don’t know, I also live in Newcastle-Under-Lyme as well as Manchester, so living across two cities can get a bit hectic. The last thing I need is to come home to a messy, unorganised house. Which is why I’ve been updating both homes to take on features which help to keep my ‘homes’ smart, sassy and tidy looking – whether it’s 11pm at night I come rolling in, or I’m setting up for a day working at home…

1. Invest in professional looking blinds

I like my privacy, but I hate closing curtains, if that makes sense. Instead, I’ve invested in smart looking blinds at both homes to give the living room some depth, but also that privacy I need when it comes to shutting them.

However, as you can see from the photos above and below, I’ve opted for a more heavy duty look – actual shutters which are wooden and give a real ‘frame’ to my bay window. I was basically inspired by plantation shutters, which give the ultimate light control and are super easy to maintain. Because they are so thick and chunky, cleaning is a breeze – I just whip a cloth or duster over them.

Because these are of a high quality, you can expect to pay a lot for them, although there are some retailers out there in which you can find cheap plantation shutters at affordable prices, yet still look classy.

At my other house, I have lighter designed interior window shutters, which hang vertical. Because the interior of my Manchester house is very light-grey, silvers, fresh creams etc, and very modern, these white shutters work so much better. However, at my other home, the chunkier wood finish fits in with the more homely, country cottage feel.

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