Today’s post is all about Sebastian’s sleep training process. What worked and what didn’t work. As some of you might know from Instagram Stories, Sebastian is now sleeping 10-11 hrs a night. It has been an incredible transformation as it hasn’t always been like this. He’s such a happy baby throughout the day, even if he’s teething. It’s made a huge impact on the overall happiness in our home.

When Sebastian was born in December last year, we were prepared. We had a crib in his nursery and the Snoo waiting for him in our room. If you aren’t familiar with the Snoo, it is a smart bassinet that your baby is strapped into and it creates white noise and motion. It responds to your baby when they cry and adjusts when they settle down. Sebastian slept so well. Pure gold.

For 3-4 months, we went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 6am. It was incredible! We love the Snoo, there’s a “wean” option for the size/month point when you move the baby from the Snoo to their own crib. Well, we didn’t use that feature on the bassinet. Big mistake on our part. He really needed to get use to not being rocked to sleep every night.

For the next few months, he’d go back and forth from the Snoo and our bed. Then the day came when he outgrew his Snoo. This was an apocalypse in our home. Naturally, we tried to just move him to his crib in his nursery without sleep training. We had zero success. So he slept with us from months 6-9.

Not the best idea when it comes to getting sleep. While I loved being so close to Sebastian, I wasn’t able to get sleep and neither was he. He’d smell me and wanted to feed all night, even when he wasn’t hungry. It was comforting to have him next to me all night. I loved seeing his face, touching his little hands, smelling his sweet baby scent. You have no idea how much I miss him every night. In retrospect, the main reason it took me so long to sleep train Sebastian was the fact that I didn’t want him away from me all night.

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