I saw a lovely lady riding her bike through New Orleans today. The sunlight was low and behind both of us in that comforting way that says the day is almost closed and we’re all headed home to take off our bras and make butter pasta. She was riding her bike wearing a dress and I had split second of jealousy thinking, gosh, I don’t do that nearly enough. I’ve forgotten that as one of life’s very simple graces. Her dress was an in-between-season floral, a saucy but modest length, and tucked under herself juuust so to ensure a safe but carefree ride.

How would you explain to someone how to ride a bike in a dress? Long but not too long. Step up, scoop just so, gently sit, ready your mind and your core, slow and steady to start, then just go for it… let it flow.

There’s beauty to the small details and certainly an unspoken grace to us ladies (like how I lumped the rest of us in there?). In addition, there is jam in these yeasty rolls and really, if you consider the bikes and dresses and setting sun and everything else – we are blessed indeed.

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