Whether you change your hair like you change clothes, or you rock out with your signature style, you need quality, durable bundles that are in it for the long haul. Wearing sew-ins, quick weave styles, or wigs means that you have to be prepared to revive and restore your weaves and wigs at the drop of a hat.

Top 4 Tips For Reviving Your Weave (Bond In Or Sew In)

Reviving your weave while it’s still attached to your head is a daunting task depending on how long you’ve had the installation, but any well-done style can be brought back to life with these simple tips.

1. Trim The Hair or Seal The Endings

For Bond-ins, hair store used and therefore, the hair used may not last as long as the style is worn. To avoid a stiff moving hairstyle, you can trim the older endings of the hair. The trimming will you give you a more excellent bounce and will not alter the look of the style too much.

Virgin extensions should be sealed on the endings to keep the hair from becoming frizzed and tangled at the end.

2. Wash The Hair

Whether your installation is a bond-in or a sew-in, it’s good to wash your hair at least once a month when installed to cleanse the hair and your scalp. The hair follicle and scalp naturally produce oils and can trap more dirt and oils when under the hair while covered with tracks.

For bonded hair installations, avoid using boiling water, this can melt the glue more deeply into the hair and agitate the hair shaft. Separate your leave out and add minimal shampoo to the tips of your fingers to cleanse the perimeter of your hair. Lift the wefts and gently rub in between your braids and tracks to clean the hair. Rinse with cool water.

Wash your hair in even downward strokes to avoid tangling and force the dirt out of the hair to revive your weaves and wigs. Rinse with warm water.

Tip for both: Rinse hair thoroughly to rinse out any leftover shampoo residue. With installed hair…

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