That’s no secret, I love to travel. But who doesn’t? I’m sure most of the people love traveling. And by traveling I don’t mean visiting the next town or going to the fair maybe 100 kilometres away, but taking a city break or a vacation at the beach on an island in the Atlantic, be it on the European side or in the Caribbeans.

Eh, well, there are some people who don’t like traveling. Or, to be more precise, they hate the idea of traveling. Mostly because they can’t afford it because of financial difficulties. When you know you don’t have the money to travel you get to ignore people around you leaving for holidays, you get to think traveling is not for you.

And there’s my sister’s son, he also hates traveling, especially flying, but I think that’s an induced perception. For a long period of time he used to watch, instead of cartoons, Air Crash Investigations on National Geographic. So he developed a fear to get into a plane and fly. Now she’s struggling to convince him it’s safe to get on board of an airplane so she does everything to go with him to various air shows, normally, held on airports, and get him on board of aircrafts and to talk with the pilots, to learn about airplanes and how they fly and how secure they are and to see them flying safely. He’s still against it but hopefully he’ll get over it. Especially considering my sis used to travel a lot before having him.

I personally love to fly. Last July we visited Rome and a few weeks ago we visited Warsaw, in Poland. What a difference between the two cities. I have to admit, I liked Warsaw more than Rome. Why? Of course, Rome has the history on its side, it’s an amazing city but it’s also full of tourists. Like me, like thousands. Maybe too many tourists. I’ve felt it over crowded, way too many people, sometimes spoiling the pleasure of visiting Rome. One example? The Colosseum, of course. There were long queues at the many entrance gates, hundreds of people waiting to get inside. With thousands already visiting the interiors. We were a bit lucky as we had a Rome pass card or something and we were told to get to a groups entrance. A lot of people there also but we managed to get inside in about 20 minutes (including the security check). Once inside…

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