When I was in my young twenties a friend introduced me to a trio of Chinese medicine practitioners: Dr Kuang, the acupuncturist; his wife, Dr. Yao, the herbalist; and their assistant, Nurse Ling.

For the next 15 or so years the three of them fixed every ailment I had, from joint pain to flu to the weird virus that left half my face numb and my balance off-kilter. Life was easy.

But then one day they upped and left. Their neighbor informed me they’d returned home following their son’s hijacking. He was fine, but they weren’t taking any chances. I can’t blame them.

As for me, my dentist was now the sole medical professional in my phone book. While excellent at keeping my smile healthy, he was in no position to take over from Dr. Kuang et al. That’s when I realized the importance of having a cadré of wellness experts to call on.

What constitutes a wellness expert?

First, let’s start by unpacking what constitutes a wellness expert. You may be thinking of your regular G.P., your dentist or even your therapist, and you’d be right on all three counts. However, I’m going to prompt you to expand your view on what you think a wellness expert is (or isn’t).

A medical doctor is useful if you find yourself laid up with a virus, for example, but what if you’re not actually sick? Rather than wait until something is wrong, a better approach is to focus on improving your health while you’re well.

This requires finding people who specialize in different healing modalities that you can visit on a regular basis to not only remain healthy, but get even healthier with each passing year. Think vibrant and alive, as opposed to slipping idly into old age.

Putting together an all-star team of wellness experts is different for everyone. What resonates with me might be off-putting to you. The important thing is that you take to the task with an open mind. At least give something a try before vetoing it…

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