Who doesn’t want their big day to be memorable, unique, well planned and stunningly gorgeous? With modern times and fashion, along with technology, everything and anything is possible to make your dreams a living reality.

The walking downs in a church or a city hall are so out of the fashion for both the simple and the happening weddings these days.

One always wants their day to be worth cherishing for all the people attending it, while keeping the sanctity of the day alive.

Friends and family alike, take proper part in making it a beautiful memory for you and the immediate families from both the sides of the groom and the bride stay excited as your wedding day touches their heart differently and softly, making it a big event for all of your lives.

To make it up to all those who have been a major part of your life and has played their part in your life in the most sweet and sour ways, some couples plan their big day as a destination wedding so to make it a big adventure of their life for not only themselves but for all the people attending it too.

A wedding day including a reception with loads of silly and welcoming activities, memorable games, dances, karaoke and all sorts of formal and informal things planned by both the bride and groom or their respective families are most welcoming and inviting for all the attendees. Who would want to miss a wedding like that?

Following are few things to make note of, before the planning of a destination wedding:

Selection of the Destination

As per the many commonly conducted researches, the most famous destinations for a wedding are Hawaii, Walt Disney World Resort, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Finger Lakes region, Mexican Coastal resorts, Las Vegas, Croatia and California.

Couples often spend a lot of thought and time into selecting the destination and a great deal of argument may also arise out of it before the finalization.

Which is why, we often say that the destination may matter a lot but what matters more is the adventure in the whole scenario of packing up and traveling out there somewhere for an adventure of a life called wedding.

Well Resourced Destination

We agree that any place could be great as long as the couple agrees on having the best time of their life on their big day but still, few things still matter to a major extent while selecting the destination.

For instance: if you have a big gathering and the selected city only has few comfortable hotels to cave in, where will you get the rest of the people to stay?

Similarly, if the city is not wide or lavish enough in their cuisine, then you may end up serving your guests just the local cuisine which may not get everyone a happy…

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