Online dating is not for everyone, but it has the advantage of making contact with many men you NEVER would have known in real life. You can send and receive messages at any time of the day and without even having to dress up. And even when you write, your profile meets new men for you.

Therefore, if you want to try online dating, use these rules to get to know someone sensible:

1. Use many dating sites. Start with a few large, public dating sites (such as Sympatia, Badoo, Tinder), as well as a few that can focus on your specific interests. Or, search for example, “vegetarians dating site”, “conservative Christians dating site”, “single parent dating”, “passionate UFO dating site” etc.. It’s worth logging in and find out what the service has to offer. Sympatia is considered to be a slightly more casual dating site, while Tinder is associated with quicker dates and short friendships.

2. Description in the profile. I’ve heard that long descriptions on the profile are not convertible. But in turn very short descriptions do not give men anything to go on in a conversation. They do not give a clear point of hitching to start a conversation with a woman. These men do most often the first step, so let it not be a torment for them, because you’ll get the same tests like “hey, siema, I do not know what to write because you do not have anything in profile, blah blah blah”. Let your description consists of a few funny sentences about you. A bit of feminine mystery will certainly not hurt, so don’t write a great essay. If a coworker or friend knows that you are on a dating site, don’t worry about it. It’s no sin that you’re on a dating site.

3. Post some photographs (not one). Don’t be shy. This is the twenty first century and nobody should be ashamed of using the Internet this way. Men are mainly visuals, so if you give a blur, only a small part of the body, they will not even notice that you are on this site. And if you don’t have a profile picture, forget about meeting anyone. Blind dates have gone away from the twentieth century. Your photo is supposed to attract men to you, not repel you.

Men see your pictures and make an initial assessment of your character. They will write completely differently to a woman who emphasizes: a boy, an intellectual, party girl, fitness girl, etc. Types of messages received that are sent by men differ significantly, depending on the version of the profile. Men suggest a photo that they see on a woman’s profile rather than what you really have in your description. Probably not a novelty for you.

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