Raising a kid on your own is a demanding task, especially if you’re a woman. While it’s not a bed of roses for fathers, either, men are more likely to deal with the social and economic issues.

This is mainly so due to the inequality in society. Women often have lower salaries or they don’t have a job at all. In that situations, it’s not easy to look after the children.

On the other hand, if you have a job, you often don’t have enough time for your kids. This is where collaborating with a nanny can help you a lot. Here are six valuable tips for single mothers who need to hire a nanny.

Setting a weekly schedule

One of the most important things for every single mother is to establish a weekly schedule in advance. When you know what you and your children are going to be doing at what time, it’s easier to prepare everything on time.

What’s also easier is to include the nanny in your system. The word system is extremely important here, because this is something children need at a young age.

For instance, you can sit down on a Saturday afternoon and write a basic plan for every day in the following week.

Since the time your kids spend at school or kindergarten is more or less fixed, you can arrange all things around these fixed activities. You can use one of the family calendar apps, as well.

In line with that, write a menu for each day of the week, so that you can do the shopping during the weekend.

If you’re planning to take the kids outside after school or have the nanny do it, make it sure you put it on that weekly agenda.

Our two cents: consult your nanny when you’re making this schedule to avoid any misunderstandings. When she knows each and every detail about your kids’ obligations, she’ll be able to plan her time, as well.

Maintaining healthy diet

The degree to which a single mother need to juggle their family and business obligations is often enormous. When you’re trying to make ends meet, some things can slip under the radar, such as the food your kids eat.

Not all mothers can create a weekly eating plan, or cook every single meal.

That’s why it’s important to stress out the necessity of healthy diet to every person which looks after your kids. Sometimes it might be your friends or relatives, but most of the time it will be their nanny.

Let them all know what types of food you want your children to eat, and what meals to avoid…

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