The other night as Mike drove into town, we were headed to an event downtown to listen to writer Alice Waters (LOVE her!) and he looked at me, placed his hand on mine, and said, “Do you remember life a year ago?” We had been so busy the last week running in opposite directions we hadn’t had time to talk about it, but it became clear in that moment our heads and hearts had been in similar places.

I looked out the window and didn’t respond right away. The orchards with turning leaves whipped past. My arm hung out the window feeling the unexpected warm air. A farmstand selling Honeycrisp apples for $3 caught my eye. A year ago we moved from Raleigh back to Michigan and we had hit the reset button on our lives. At that time in all of that transition, I couldn’t see the world the way I see it now.

It was hard to see much beyond myself lead alone the vineyards we drove through every day. I was somewhere else mentally just trying to survive as a mother, a creative, a wife. I was so unsure of myself and I felt I was trying to maintain a race I was incapable of competing in. As we crested the hill and saw the sun gleaming on Lake Michigan, I thought about a year ago and who I was on this same drive.

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