Are you getting ready for your upcoming trip? For work or for pleasure, trips are always fun. And you, as a lady must always look her best, even if you are out of the comfort of your home. A little makeup can go a long way, especially if the trip is tiring and takes all of your energy. Therefore, you are going to need a makeup bag full of products that will bring back the fresh look of your face and make you feel comfortable all the way during your trip. But since you can’t take everything with you, here are the top makeup products that you can always trust to support your self-confidence.

Mineral Powder Foundation

When you need a quick fix of the shiny look of your face, the mineral primer will save you instantly. The minerals in the formula will improve the complexion and absorb the greasy look which will leave you with a seamless finish that feels so lightweight that you won’t even feel the makeup on. You will glow radiantly all the time and the best features of the face will remain highlighted. Just make sure that the formula you are going to choose will be non-drying and won’t clog the pores, hence always opt for paraben-free and talc-free products.


Your best mascara for volume should always be at hand. People say eyes seduce and keep secrets and in order for the effect to be even more impressionable, you need mascara to enhance that look. My tip for you ladies is to make sure you get a non-smudging formula and one that won’t make clumps. Also, go for a 3 in 1 formula that will lengthen, thicken and define the lashes.


Mascara is excellent for a casual look, but if you want to be always on top of your cat eye look game, then put eyeliner in that makeup bag. For travelling, the ideal type of eyeliner is the liquid pen liner which is pretty easy to apply and store. With liquid pen eyeliner, you don’t need a brush or a separate ink container, as it has a felt tip already soaked in ink that is ready to be applied. Of course, you will need a mirror and a stable hand, but that is common logic, right?

Lip Balm

Travelling might be tiresome for your lips as well. To protect them you need a lip balm that will see to it that your lips are always taken care of. Opt for a lip balm that has Vitamins A, C and E along with other nutrients that make the lips soft, hydrated and never pale. Also, before you apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss, it is a good idea to apply one thin layer of your lip balm so that you are sure the elements won’t get to them.

Lip Gloss

Or you would prefer lipstick? Nevertheless, take your favourite neutral shade of lip gloss or lipstick that goes with your complexion, is not too strong for other people’s eyes during day time and make sure is made with high-quality ingredients that will nourish your lips. My advice is to choose the lip gloss as it brings life to the lips, makes then shiny and on top of all, are very popular right now. You can even choose a lip gloss in colour if you want it to look like an upgraded lipstick. The shine effect makes it a suitable combination with any piece of apparel, so you won’t be making any mistakes regarding the whole look.


To add some colour to your cheeks, take a small sized container of your favourite blusher and a brush. Rosy cheeks add warmth to the whole look and illuminate the face features perfectly. It is the radiant finish your face deserves. A good idea is to get it as a mineral crushed mineral blush because it is very easy to apply and give a natural and healthy glow to the face.

BB or CC Cream

Try replacing the liquid foundation with a BB or CC cream. For me, it was the best decision I made for my acne-prone skin. I had a lot of problems with acne since puberty, so I felt more confident if I put foundation on and I always chose the ones with maximum coverage. However, I never felt comfortable after a few hours – I could feel that my face skin is trapped under the foundation and couldn’t breathe.

Even so, I didn’t have the courage to stop using it until one day when my friends and I went away for the weekend. I realised I had left the bottle of foundation at home, so my friend offered me to try her BB cream. Fortunately, she had a pretty similar tan like me except she didn’t have any skin problems. I thought to myself it is better to put something on rather than nothing at all. And I was amazed by the result. Sure, it doesn’t provide the maximum coverage as the foundations do, but the fact that they are made from natural ingredients that actually nourish the skin just blew my mind. And, the best part was that the rest of the makeup blended perfectly. I couldn’t be happier. To this day, I still use BB cream under my makeup and I feel naturally beautiful and comfortable.

For trips, I believe it is the best solution you can offer to your skin. You can still use the foundation when you are getting ready for a big night out or for some special event like a wedding, but for every day, BB / CC cream is probably the ideal solution.
This article was written by Ivana, a writer who shares her thoughts on practical things for every day activities. She also writes inspirational stories and tackles everyday situations. Website:

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