I always imagined driving would be easy. What else was there to do other than applying the brakes, gears and steering the wheel? I would often think thought to myself. I had always been extremely proficient at driving related games, so I decided to give driving classes a shot during my summer break.

After a lot of consultation and advice from my peers, I joined a driving center near my house. Several people asked me why I wasted money on joining a center when I could have asked my parents or friends to help me, free of cost. I can safely say that I can answer this question adequately now.

Firstly, when you join a driving center, you have to follow a strict routine and set timings. I had to wake up at 7 each morning and knew if I did not do so, I would miss the lesson since the instructor was very clear that he would not compensate for a missed day or for tardiness. Had my father been teaching me, I would probably have convinced him to miss on a few days.

Secondly, since there was no frankness between my instructor and me, I was required to adopt a highly professional manner with him, and subsequently, he did not hesitate to bluntly point out every time I made a mistake. A friend or a father, on the other hand, would probably be hesitant to point out minute flaws, simply for the sake of not hurting my self-confidence.

From the driving center, the driver would drive us in a specialized car to an isolated place where I would be given the control of the car. The car was special because it had two sets of brakes, one for my use and one for the driver. This gave the driver control to stop the car anytime he felt I was over-speeding or making another error. The particular car that I was allotted was also very safe because it had a maximum speed limit of 60 miles per hour, so even if an accident occurred, there would be minimal damages.

The place we used for driving was perfect for beginners. The whole place was specially designed for such lessons and the arena had nothing but a few tyres, which were systematically placed there so that one could learn to move the car between them, as people do in real life traffic situations.

When I went for my driver’s test, it took me about 45 hours to complete my course. I realized this would cost far too much, hence I carried out some steps to help reduce costs…

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