Meet the newest member of our family, Harley the Labradoodle. I know we’ve been a little MIA from the blog lately and Harley has a lot to do with that. A puppy is a lot of work. When you add a bad cold and tons of doctor appointments to the mix, something has to get less time and that was the blog this time around. We’re starting to adjust and are fully recovered from the cold, so we will get back to our usual Wednesday post schedule.

When I shared pictures of our sweet Labradoodle puppy on Instagram, I got tons of questions, so today I wanted to formally introduce Harley and answer some of those questions.

E has been asking for a puppy for the past two years. It seems he is just so lonely as an only child, or so he says (rough life, I know!). We’ve been researching dogs for the past few years and visiting the dog adoption events frequently. Unfortunately, matching a rescued dog with a rowdy toddler boy proved to be challenging, so we ultimately decided against dog adoption.

After doing lots of research we decided a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle would be the ideal family dog for us. E has a mild dog allergy, so we needed a hypo-allergenic dog and the clean fanatic in me needed a non-shedding dog. Those two criteria made a doodle puppy very appealing. We ultimately settled on buying a Labradoodle puppy from Desert Waves Labradoodles.

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