There is nothing quite like coming home to your own place. I absolutely love this feeling and the novelty of the past three weeks definitely hasn’t worn off just yet. I never noticed just how much interior inspiration there is out there and researching home improvement companies in London has become a late night hobby of mine as I look for interiors inspo and storage solutions! I’m watching Gossip Girl as I write and admiring the interior design in the Van Der Woodsen’s apartment – it’s absolutely gorgeous. So since I’m full of ideas, I thought I would share some of my interior lusts and inspo themes that I’ve been loving over the past few weeks.

Even though I live with my boyfriend and he isn’t the biggest fan of the colour pink he has graciously allowed me to add some blush additions around the house. Our bedding and matching pillowcases on the sofa are pink with a green Monstera leaf print (purchased via Urban Outfitters which I absolutely love. Everything else from the sofa, to the headboard on the bed to the curtains (although one day I want some cute window shutters in cafe style / plantation shutters!) is all a grey colour. Gray can often look, well… a bit drab without some touches of colour.

I love the combination of the grey and blush. It looks cute but also super stylish and you also cannot see any food/coffee stains that have been dropped on our dark gray couch (which is absolutely essential) to a well functioning apartment.

This is very weird but, I saved a reed diffuser that I bought whilst abroad in Fuerteventura for the apartment. Just for the sole reason that it smelt so good I couldn’t bare to use it on something as ugly as my University room. I’d highly recommend trying to see if you like a Basil and Mandarin scent, the smell is strong enough to filtrate an entire apartment. There is a super lovely one from Jo Malone that smells exactly like it but for a more expensive price tag.

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