I have some super exciting news: I’m off to Portugal for a week at the end of this month, and I’m literally desperate for a relaxing week in the sun! I’ve never been to Portugal before, which was the reason myself and my boyfriend decided to chose this place as our next holiday destination.

I mean, I tend to travel a lot, so it’s kinda strange I’ve left it so long to explore this place…

So it’s the total opposite end of the holiday spectrum to my earlier trip this year – a beautiful week in Phuket, Thailand. This time, we’re opting for a 4 star huuuuuuge hotel nestled between the old and new town of Albufeira, close to some of Portugal’s loveliest beaches.

As I don’t know too much about Albufeira, and Portugal in general, I’m totally up for hearing your recommendations: where is good to day trip? Any great eating destinations? Favourite beach in Portugal? Hit me up guys – I wanna hear alllllll your thoughts!

So whilst I leave the recommendations to you lovely lot (here’s hoping!), I’m left to decide what clothes to bring. I’m totally going to do a holiday clothes haul over on my YouTube, but I thought I’d share some of them here too.

The sassy printed playsuit on the photos above is one of my options, and I feel it will work well on those evenings we want to let our hair down and have a good old dance. Yes, I’ll be looking for the best party destination in Albufeira, as I love a bit of dance music, sipping a cocktail or two and having a bit of a boogie in the evenings!

When it comes to bikini and swimsuit shopping for an upcoming holiday, I literally get soooooo excited. Everyone knows I love shopping, but there’s something about swimwear shopping sprees which just win, hands down…

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