There comes a time in each and every one of our lives where we get so tired of the monotony of our routines that we want to give our life a pause or stop and do… ‘Nothing’. This state comes because we are forever running after one or the other goal of our lives which keeps us on our toes. And we never get to just linger on in background and observe life or others. So, this state kicks in different phases of our lives. Sometimes when we have encountered a failure or some other times when we are getting successful in every other thing. It doesn’t have any symptom or precaution against it. But it could affect each of us differently. So it’s normal to feel like “I don’t want to do anything anymore” or “I don’t want to do anything with my life”. Some fight it and come out conquering it too, some let it upset them so much to land into depression or stressed state and some of us just wait for it to pass.

There may not be a guide, a prescription or a properly researched analysis about what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything. But many common observations and people analysis have concluded that you can do the following things when you want your busy or mechanical life to take a pause.

Try Taking a Shower

Taking a shower can act like a therapy especially if you have the luxury of slightly warm water and tub. This can also help you change your mind and state as it revives yourself, your body and spirit. People who begin their day with a shower might get their everyday energy back and so they could come out of this phase. As for the other people, taking shower will refresh you and you will feel naturally a bit better as warm water soothes your nerves and takes the stress out of you.

Dressing And Makeup Can Be Magical

In our daily struggles, we forget to spend time on our own selves. Take this opportunity and have some quality time with yourself. Even if you have no heart to go anywhere, dress up well and put on a look you are sure to get praiseworthy comments on. This will boost your mood and you might actually start to feel good about your day as these two things are truly magical.

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