The family bathroom isn’t just for us adult folk. Kids and people with little feet go both supervised and unsupervised into this frequently visited room on a daily basis. Possibly on a par with the kitchen, the bathroom is the most dangerous room inside a modern home. Hard surfaces, dangerous chemicals and scolding water are just a few of the common dangers.

As much as we would love to cover everything in soft cushions, it’s impossible to live in a home designed solely for child safety. Modern bathrooms can consist of fancy luxury shower cabins, vanity units, tiles floors and hard wood furniture and are no longer a place to simply clean your teeth and get a wash. BUT with all that said we should still take all the steps necessary to ensure the little ones are as safe as they can be.

Here are the top 5 ways to keep the bathroom safe and secure for the little guys.

Always supervise them while inside the bathroom

Typically, children should be watched over until they reach the age of 6. They should not be left alone especially when they are in the bath. Likewise, they should not be left in the care of other children too. Young children are not fully aware of all the inherent dangers in the bathroom. They may not realize that their younger sibling may already be in danger until it is already late. It is alright to have the older children assist during bath time but they should never be left completely in charge. As such, be sure there is always an adult around to supervise. In the event that you really need to leave them unattended, you can either bring them with you or take them out of the bath temporarily.

Overreacting or not, it is definitely the cautious way to go. After all, kids can drown even in just an inch of water which is why we need to be all the more vigilant. Of course, leaving them unattended can be totally avoided if you’ve planned your day well. If it is part of their routine to take a bath before bed, so be it. However, if you have other commitments that overlap such as cooking dinner or watching your favorite television show, it might be time to reconsider the bath schedule. If you can get distracted during the child’s bath time, consider moving it earlier or later than usual so that you can give your full attention.

Remain focused and vigilant

It is important to always be observant whenever you have small children in the bathroom. There are various ways they can get hurt in the bathroom. These include but are not limited to scalding, drowning, medicine poisoning, slipping and many more. All these can be avoided by simply ensuring that an adult is always present and completely focused on the child. It won’t help to have an adult supervising but is completely engrossed in their mobile phone or tablet. It helps to keep distractions at bay before the bath…

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