In an advanced world, where we all are influenced by the use of high-tech machines, we often start to think of ourselves as one too. The most stringent need is to maintain a work-life balance with both components equally and efficiently administered into it.

We can neither just live a life with our passions and carefree attitude or manner, nor can we convert into money making machines. There should be an equitable balance and support of both sides to make your life worthy of living. We must not just ‘exist’, we need to ‘live’ our life and for that it is necessary to bring both the opposing sides together and blend them to give your life a colour you can love and afford too.

Lately, in the usual corporate language, this ‘work-life balance’ term has gotten a real hype. These days, some companies even offer and support workshops for the management of both work and life so you could learn to get the best of them.

We say this and accept it too that there should be a balance between our career and personal life but we fail to acknowledge how important it is to actually bring that balance, especially if your job demands your extra hours or your personal life gets in between your career needs, you fail to impose discipline. It is true that one cannot live without the other but it is also true that a perfect balance between both is not a thing that exist in books only.

If you are also fighting between the unbalanced pressures and tugs of both lives…

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