Yoga is an important field that’s constantly growing, and yoga teachers are unsung heroes in our communities. More than 36 million Americans practice Yoga, and over one-third plan to try yoga sometime in the next year.

If you’re interested in becoming a yoga instructor, it’s important to understand the yoga itself in addition to the business-related parts of the job.

While yoga has a history in the United States dating back to the 1890s, modern yoga as we understand it truly began in the 1950s. Since then, it has spread to our offices, schools, and hospitals, making a positive impact for people of all walks of life.

While most yoga instructors are more interested in this positive impact, you can make a great living as a yoga teacher. This article will discuss some great ways to increase your income as an instructor.

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Make?

Unlike many other fields, teaching yoga typically comes with a high level of flexibility. While some instructors work part-time or less, others teach several classes a day.

Actual income varies based on this as well as other factors, including experience and location. Before we look at the numbers, here are some of the main criteria that can affect your earnings:

Class frequency: instructors need to determine the work-life balance that works for them, and yoga is a great field to work in if you don’t have full-time availability.

That said, you’ll obviously be able to make more money if you are able to work a full-time schedule.

Location: this includes both the city you’re in and the studio itself. Income will typically be higher in large cities with a greater cost of living, but this can also vary.

Teachers who work at established, well-known studios are likely to make more, but many top studios require both certification and Yoga instructor insurance.

Business experience and expertise: just as yoga itself is difficult to master, the business side of the job can take time to learn, and instructors who are skilled negotiators and budgeters are likely to be more successful.

Similarly, building up experience teaching yoga will allow you to earn more as you will have refined your craft and reputation.

Specialization and style: instructors who focus on a specific field, such as children’s yoga or therapeutic yoga, are often able to make more than more general practitioners. Some teachers have even created their own unique styles to appeal to a specific audience.

If you’re interested, you can also work in other fields. Many instructors are involved in other healing arts…

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