It’s snowing! Snowing in February. We all can’t quite believe it but here it is. Any transitional period in fashion is a bit of a nightmare. You go out expecting the weather to do one thing and within a matter of hours it is doing the polar opposite. The snow may mean that we have to put off our spring wardrobe for another month or so which is an absolute shame since I just bought some spring and summer clothes. But it means that we really get the most use out of our winter outfits and can get creative with transitional dress as we move from season to season.

Layers are the bane of any transition between season. You can always take layers off but you can never add them on if you haven’t got them. You should be utilising your cute winter outfits whilst you can, if this means bringing back earmuffs and gloves for a little while then that’s what we have to do whilst the weather is making its mind up.

I’ve always been a fan of layering huge scarves with my outfits. They’re toasty, comfy and relatively inexpensive if you ever want to switch up the pattern or colours!

It might almost be March, but that doesn’t mean spring weather is here. I see so many people look absolutely freezing on nights out because they can’t be bothered wearing a coat. The weather can do some funky things when we’re in between seasons and you always think it’s warmer than it’s going to be outside. I’ve been wearing a huge camel coat recently that I don’t mind getting absolutely beaten up, and I do have lots of fancy coats for ladies but things a bit more weather-wearing are essential. I have a parka I love to wear in winter and something like a khaki puffer jacket or borg truck driver’s jacket won’t go amiss if you’re after something super on trend.

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