Whether it be clothes, shoes, hats or any other apparel, white is a notoriously difficult color to clean. That faded quality that it acquires after a while is nearly impossible to eradicate, which is exactly why most people avoid purchasing white.

Which is a shame because white can look incredibly attractive and decent. The same is true for white converse shoes; they do look mighty fine if only they never got dirty. Alas, we cannot afford to keep buying new ones every few months or so.

However, there are a few handy tips which you can adopt to clean white converse. Surprisingly, these methods work quite well, even if they do seem somewhat radical.

The first step is to remove the shoelaces; you need to get into those eye sockets if you want to properly clean the whole thing. The laces can be cleaned separately. Dampen your shoes by dunking them in warm water or placing under a running tap, then shake off the excess.


One of the easiest ways to clean shoes is to use an abrasive powder of your choosing. If you like, you can use baking soda instead which works equally well. Do not use bleach; it is bound to discolor the shoes and you will be left with a permanently off-white fabric.

Pour the powder into a bowl full of hot water, mix it into a paste and then apply it to the stained areas using a brush. Thoroughly scrub the stains until they disappear. It may take a few attempts; Scrub, wash, dry then repeat until you feel satisfied that it is as good as it gets.

In most cases, the stains will disappear entirely. Your motions should be forceful and focused on particular areas. Don’t just start scraping all over the shoe in one go. Proceed step by step in small, circular movements from one area to the next, without neglecting any part. Once you’re done, rinse them and use a…

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