Getting the right nutrients are important for a healthy pregnancy and it is widely believed that essential oils not only help to relax the body but also help with fertility.

Essential oils, when added to your fertility program can be beneficial to deal with stress, maintain a hormonal balance and to support the overall reproductive system.

Understanding the Changes to Your Body

When considering the use of essential oils during pregnancy, it’s important to understand all the different things happening with your body and how it needs to be treated differently than normal everyday life.

If you’re actively trying to conceive it’s important to treat the second half of your cycle, when implantation could possibly be occurring, as if you are pregnant. In this case there is a fertilised egg and embryo in the womb.

Once you’re pregnant there are a lot of hormonal changes occurring in your body. Care needs to be taken not to alter the complex systems which are resulting in changing, shifting and growing of a fetus.

Before using rosehip oil or other essential oils, it’s important to think about what is happening in the body. The other thing to know is that when you’re pregnant, what you’re putting into your body and what you’re eating could possibly cross over through the placenta. When the compounds of the essential oils you put on your body cross the placental barrier, it could affect a developing fetus which doesn’t have any protective mechanism to prevent such compounds from, affecting their brain and nervous system.

For safety reasons, one of the things to know is that the first trimester is always going to be the most delicate time of a pregnancy and you don’t want to be using oils which are going to affect the very critical time of the development of your child.

Essential oils should generally be avoided during the first trimester unless they have been specifically prescribed to help alleviate some type of discomforts such as nausea and some aches or pains. If you’ve been using essential oils as part of your skincare routine, consider cutting back during the first trimester.

Diluting the Oil Before Use

Some people automatically assume that because essential oils are natural, they can be used during pregnancy as normal. The truth is, essential oils are very concentrated so always use 1% dilution during pregnancy. This would mean about five to six drops added to…

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