We don’t mean that your smile can get ruined because of the hardships in your life but rather it can be ruined because of the bad health of your teeth and gum and you will have to hide your damaged, decayed and yellow teeth and find a way to hide your smile or be very cautious about it.

There are a number of ways to prevent that to happen. Few of the universally known ways are to floss, brush twice a day and have regular visits to your dentist but another way is to regulate the following, so to keep good healthy teeth and an extra wide and bright smile:

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are good for the athletes and runners but some of them contain high PH levels which are terrible for the health of your teeth. Your teeth will endure the erosion and even the tooth enamel can be affected by these drinks because of their richness of acidic components. It is to believe that sports drinks might be damaging your teeth also because of their high sugar levels which results in deep cavities and tooth decay. So it is better to stay away from them, if possible, or reduce their consumption.

Tap Water

Instead of avoiding it, you must standardize it in your life to attain good health of your teeth and a bright big smile. Tap water has fluoride in it which bottled water doesn’t or if it has then it’s in a significantly less amount which doesn’t let you benefit from it. Fluoride is essential for the good health of your teeth. Some people think that it can help strengthening the structure of your tooth by repelling the early decay and repairing in advance. So to acquire fluoride, you must use and drink tap water more often, if you are 100% sure it’s clean and healthy.

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